Prečo a ako nám pomôcť?

Naša pomoc opusteným zvieratkám je celkom závislá a možná len vďaka pomoci ľudi ako vy - ľudi s dobrým srdcom...

About supporting

Supporting a puppy can be exciting. You are choosing a new companion for many years to come. Before supporting a puppy, pick a breed or type of dog that works for your lifestyle. Then, visit a variety of shelters to find a reputable shelter in your price range. After you've completed the supportion, you can bring your new companion home. Think about your household members. If you have small kids in your house, you need to take this into consideration when selecting a puppy. If you don't have kids, think about yourself and other housemates and your activity level and schedule. Some dog breeds require less time and attention than others.[1] Children under the age of 7 generally don't do well with puppies under 5 months. This is because children of this age do not understand boundaries and may handle a puppy aggressively, causing biting. Puppies, especially smaller puppies, can also be harmed if a child handles them too roughly. Think about who will primarily take care of the dog. Make sure that person is willing and able to care for a puppy. If you're caring for the puppy yourself, make sure you have the time and energy for training. If a spouse, child, or other household member will be taking care of the puppy, make sure they are ready for the time commitment.